CWD Testing

Howling Hollow Taxidermy will be offering CWD testing for deer collected in Wisconsin. Unfortunately we can not offer CWD testing for deer collected in Iowa or Minnesota. 

Please understand that by having your deer CWD tested you are under NO obligation to get taxidermy work done.  This is a FREE service we would like to provide to increase surveillance of CWD. 

Howling Hollow Taxidermy is open 7 days a week.  Ideally, the samples should be collected as soon as possible after the deer is harvested.  CWD testing is performed on the deer's lymph nodes located at the base of the skull within the first several inches of the neck.  It is recommended that a hand width of tissue be left at the base of the skull to prevent damage to the lymph nodes. 

If the deer is harvested and can not be brought to us right away please keep the head and upper neck at refrigerated temperatures (35 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit).  If it will be longer than 5 days between harvest and sampling please freeze head/neck. 

Bringing your deer to us for CWD testing helps track the progress of this disease.  Our goal is to make this as fast as possible for you. We do not need the whole deer for sampling.  This is a busy time a year for us and we want to help people who only want CWD testing to get in and out as fast as possible. 
  • Please do not bring us your entire deer and ask us to remove the lymph nodes on the spot. Ideally we would like the head/upper neck only. If you are having your deer processed please work with your processor to figure out if they want the head/upper neck removed before or during processing. If you are bring the deer in for a shoulder mount and testing please follow our field care guide.  However, leave a hand width of neck tissue below the head neck junction. 
  • We will need additional information when you drop off your sample for testing
    • e-registration confirmation number
    • DNR customer ID number
    • County and location of kill (township #, range #, and section # are appreciated but providing a landowners name will work as an alternative)
When you drop off your deer head/neck you will receive a medallion with a ID number. 

 CWD Barcode
This medallion number along with your DNR customer ID number allows you to look up your test results.  Find out more at
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